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Must have attended a Girl Hold My Hand event in the past 2 years





The goal of customer service is for the client to come and leave as a raving fan! We want them to know we are here for them. Make sure they have a smooth check-in process. Do our best to accommodate their every need. Make sure they are heard, and that they are successful as participants. Get them to the people they need in order to help them be successful. Make sure they are empowered.

These positions entail:

  • Assisting with registration check-ins
  • Assisting with giving badges and wristbands out, and giving workbooks
  • Assisting with general customer service issues

The crew needs to be here 1.5 hour before doors open and for approximately 15 minutes after Stormy is done. During registration, we need 8 crew members at a time, and 2 people during the rest of the event. Customer service experience preferred.

Qualities: Outgoing, loyal, reliable, trustworthy, respectful, enthusiastic, compassionate, loving, non-judgmental, able to provide certainty and safety for participants. Good sensory acuity and able to meet people’s needs. Best if you have positive energy and a warm personality. Be willing to be taught and open to learning.

Physical: Need to be able to stand hours at a time during registration, after that, sitting and standing is fine. Must be able to lift about up to 25 pounds. Must have some computer skills.

Shift: 1.5 hour before doors open and for approximately 15 minutes after Stormy is done



Support Stormy on stage by getting to participants safely and quickly, so they can interact with Stormy. **Important – you will be communicating with loggers re: last name, first name, spell name articulately.

It is very important to stay out of the camera shot.

Qualities: strong sensory acuity, persistent, friendly, standing by to make sure communication continues and is clear. Make sure the mic is up near the participant’s face and they can be heard. Be able to multi-task. Be able to temper your own adrenaline rush and again, keep safe.

Physical: Fast, flexible, need to be able to be in the background, not foreground, need to be physically fit. Able to cover ~100 people each and get there in about 4 seconds.

Shifts: Approximately 2-4 hours at a time


You set the tone for the day, and lift the participants’ state, so you need to have great energy! look for wrist bands and badges on entry, be aware of anything that looks suspicious and alert security. You are in charge of crowd control outside the door and need to keep people a certain distance away from the doors before and during the event. You are the ‘information-booth’ person for many people, so you need to know where everything is – what, where and who can meet their needs.

Once everyone is inside the room, help motivate participants to get back to their seats. When someone is leaving or entering the room, make sure they stop running and do not trample others.

You must be on time. 45 mins before doors open

Qualities: Multi-tasker, strong rapport with participants, good eye contact, a sense of humor is a must, sincerity, patience, a people person, compassionate and must have very good sensory acuity.

Physical: Able to stand on feet a long time, have high energy, exude positive energy. Be able to keep hands high and give high fives to all participants walking through the door.

Shifts: Approximately 1 hour: 45 mins before doors open


Ushers are in charge of showing participants to their seating level. Make sure participants are seated efficiently. Assist in getting people in the room and keeping the energy high in the room. You are the eyes of the production stage.

One goal is to minimize visual distractions in the crowd for Stormy while remaining invisible to her. Visual distractions may include: people leaning against the walls or taking photographs. People attempting to go live on social media. People out of place (ushers make sure people do not get involved in the camera views to provide clear camera shots with minimum distractions). It’s important to keep aisles clear by making sure people are not sitting on the floor or standing against walls. In addition to security, production stage, and support staff, you are an extra set of eyes and ears to make sure participants’ needs are met and their safety and comfort are ensured. You will assist door-greeters, hand-out personnel, production stage, medical, and security when needed.

Qualities: You need to be able to build great rapport and energy with participants. Must be flexible and willing to help in any capacity to ensure the success of the event. Must be very observant, attentive, diligent, high sensory acuity, good communication skills within the usher team and with participants. High energy level is preferred.

Physical: Helps to be physically fit and flexible, you need to be able to go through the aisles low to the floor, as well as jumping in the air to keep energy at a maximum level.

Shifts: Approximately 1 hour: 45 mins before doors open


The responsibility of this position is to capture what Stormy says. Stormy review’s the logs for any new content she may have created or a particular share. There are three positions:

  1. Syntax – recording times of chunks of content off a syntax sheet, very simple, yet accuracy is important. Time is recorded often so you need to stay focused and on track.
  2. Computer – typing everything that is said by Stormy and other presenters and participant shares – prefer 65 + words/minute typing. You must be able to stay focused on the logging task while listening to Stormy. It is your job to get down everything Stormy says. You may not add your own language.
  3. Editing – Documents are edited every half day or so, for spelling, typos, and formatting.

Loggers work with the Creative department and Production team. One benefit is that you absorb the content at a deeper level. Additionally, you get to see the event from a different perspective and learn more about how it is run from behind the scenes. You can see the whole room at a glance.

Qualities: Detail-oriented is a must. Flexibility, sensory acuity, patience, focus and with zero distraction, speed, quick decision-making ability, typing skills as described above, be organized and efficient. You are unable to get caught up in the content for yourself when Stormy is talking,

Physical: Sit for an hour at a time. Take care of your needs – wear appropriate clothing as the room is cold, bring your water bottle and a snack.

Shifts: Approximately 2-4 hours at a time


The Production Office is where a lot of the magic is made, and it’s where the rubber meets the road for orchestrating and executing the details of events. In this fast-paced environment full of variety and challenge, great teamwork, communication and stress management skills are essential. You will assist the Production Team with tasks like document prep and distribution, badge organizing, supply management, assisting guest speakers on/off stage, and assist changing stage sets. You will also liaise with the Production Team and the Green Room person on orders. Every event has unique needs that offer the opportunity for quick creative problem-solving. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how an event is run or if you’re a seasoned event professional looking for an amazing opportunity to contribute, then this is the post for you.

Qualities: This position has a high degree of responsibility. You must show up on time, be organized, able to receive direction AND delegate, confident and committed, big-picture AND detail oriented. And throughout it all you must be able to give the Production Team the certainty they need so they can focus on their tasks.

Physical: Able-bodied, up and down stairs, bending, lifting, and running errands.

Shifts: Approximately 4 hours.


The Helping Hands team works with every department at the event, from communications to production, greeters, ushers, and placement.  This special team acts as the link between the various teams and participants. In this role, you will get the opportunity to connect, build long-lasting relationships, and ultimately impact each other and the participants live.

  • Display signs in a specific location for a period of time
  • Seat drops – passing out informational forms, brochures, other items
  • Support the booths where needed, ensuring forms are adequately stocked at all times
  • Smile, hug, high five
  • Seek out who needs help/assistance
  • Other duties as requested

Qualities: Must be dependable and punctual, Excellent communication skills – clear, concise, timely responses, Have the “what can I do to help?” attitude, Adaptable to changing circumstances, Exhibit energy and enthusiasm.

Physical: Able-bodied, up and down stairs, bending, lifting, and moving.

Shifts: 1-2 hours. As needed

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